Happy New Year 2010!

明けましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。みんな様に良いお年をてたくさんの幸せを祈ります。そして他の重要なもの、フィギュアやCDや色んなファン商品を。Happy New Year to everyone! May the New Year be pleasant and bring you a lot of happiness, and other important stuff such as figures, CDs, and other various merchandise.

Time sure flies very fast, doesn’t it? As I write this, just a few minutes are left in the year 2009 in CET time, and we’ll blink our eyes once and again and it will be the end of 2010 already. Time is the biggest enemy of humans, as it’s merciless and you have no ways of fighting it. That’s why we can do nothing but put up with its flow and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

HAVE FUN! Now and henceforth.

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