Hatsune Miku 39’s Giving Day Concert Details

Hatsune Miku Thanks Giving Day

More details about the recently announced first Miku’s solo concert have been revealed today. Until today, we have known that the concert is going to be held on 9 March (3/9) because 3 and 9 can be pronounced “sankyuu” in Japanese, which is the japanised version of “thank you”, and 3 and 9 can be also pronounced “miku”.

Today, it was unveiled that the concert is taking place at Zepp Tokyo music hall. The main performer is going to be Miku, of course, but a band called “THE 39S” is going to accompany her. There will probably be a special guest as well, but it’s stated that the schedule is being adjusted. So we have to wait some more time for info about the guest(s).

The tickets will go on general sale, humorously, on Valentine’s Day at 10:00 (JST, I suppose). However, you can reserve one, or two or three, starting December 26 on the official page of the concert. The price of the ticket is set on 4,390 yen, which includes a Project DIVA Arcade ♪Exclusive IC Card that you will get on entering.

One more thing to mention, it’s stated on the official page that it’s forbidden to bring negi (leek) to the concert hall ^^ I wonder if it applies to artificial, luminous negi lights as well.