My Top 10 Anime Female Characters in 2009

It’s the end of the year so it’s time to review what happened and evaluate it. It can include absolutely anything, and of course it also includes anime and anime characters. And that calls for character top 10. So here come my favorite girls from anime series of this year. To make it really an authentic 2009 Top 10, I decided to omit sequels to anime from previous years. Therefore, there are no Hayate no Gotoku, Minami-ke, or Spice and Wolf characters. Neither Mikoto and Kuroko from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Akiyama Mio

First comes the bass guitar playing, shimapan wearing, easily Akiyama Mio from K-ON! Despite her shyness and fear of ghosts and similar stuff, I find her very cool and composed. She stands out as the most capable person from her after-school tea time club, and she can even write nice lyrics *Fuwa Fuwa Time echoing*. Furthermore, her hair are black and long, and her upset expressions are adorable.

Akaba Chizuru

2.Akaba Chizuru

Chizuru is the Secretary of the Student Council at Hekiyou Gakuen, and besides that, she seems to be doing a lot of shady business and earning a lot of money. She is the most mature person in the Student Council, and this appearance is made even more striking by her fondness for sadistic acts. Abusing, belittling, teasing, whipping, all of that is in her list of favorite activities. However, she has a cute side to her as well, which can be observed either in the morning, or when she gets hold of the Student Council President. When she enters her “sweet mode” and wears sheep costume at the same time, the cuteness level rises over 9000.

Senjougahara Hitagi

3.Senjougahara Hitagi

Abusing, mysterious, and even calling herself tsundere. That’s the Stapler Girl. She almost always has a “weapon” on her, so everyone had better be careful when dealing with her, taking her hot temper into account. Still, you can’t deny that she’s cool and sexy.

Ogata Rina

4.Ogata Rina

Rina is a 19-year-old singer, and one of the so called savior-goddesses of the male lead character, who should have just died like Makoto. Rina is elegant, often lonely, because she’s occupied with her work, and her voice is fantastic, which isn’t any big surprise as she’s voiced by none other than Mizuki Nana.

Shiina Mafuyu

5.Shiina Mafuyu

Mafuyu is an ultimate treasure as regards character personality. She’s a combination of a hard-core fujoshi, and a gaming addict. Her ordinary day could be described very easily. When the lessons end, she goes to the Student Council Room and plays games, then she comes home and plays games until late in the night. Then she goes to school and sleeps through the lessons while dreaming about yaoi. Don’t be deceived by her cute and sweet looks. If you become her target of fantasies, it’s the end for you. Nevertheless, I cannot resist her sweet, innocent look. *Alarm notice: WARNING! Signs of overheating!

Frederica Bernkastel

6.Frederica Bernkastel

Not much can be told about this Witch of Miracles. Her powers allow her to make anything come true as long as its probability of happening is not equal to zero. Bernkastel can put on an icy, calm expression, but she’s cunning and mischievous in reality. This side of her can scare the wits out of you, yet there’s something charming about it.

Nakano Azusa

7.Nakano Azusa


Sangou Shizuku

8.Sangou Shizuku

Student Council President and an idol of students’ hearts, irrespective of gender. Shizuku is another of the cool, long-haired, audacious characters, which I like. Like every such character, she has a hidden, lovable side to her.

Sakurano Kurimu

9.Sakurano Kurimu

Another Student Council Pres. However, unlike Shizuku, she’s childish, short, childish, moe-blobish, childish, dumb, childish, slow, childish, sluggish, and also infantile ^^ Though such characters usually irritate me, there’s something about Kurimu that I like. Maybe her pride for the traits she thinks she has, but actually doesn’t at all. Or it may be her absolute stupidity and incompetency that I find lovely about her for whatever reason. Or, and that’s most likely, it’s the sparkle in her eyes and occasional enthusiasm.



She doesn’t talk…. No, that’s not the reason why I’ve put her in my top 10. She bears a great weapon, an electric fan, and she gives off a refined, captivating fragrance. By the way, she uttered an attack name once.

So, that’s my lineup. I guess you could summarize it in two words: moe and elegance.

On another note, have a nice New Year’s Eve! I hope you start off the New Year on the right foot.