Razer Naga computer mouse

Razer Naga is a mouse targeted particularly at players of MMORPGs, as this mouse has 17 buttons in total. Of course, you can customize them and assign to them the functions that you want. This makes it an excellent mouse for games where you have to use a lot of commands, as you can simply perform all of them with mouse. Today has been the first time I had the chance to try it out, because I dropped by a friend who bought one recently. I must say I was very pleased with Naga in every aspect.

12 buttons are located on the left side of the mouse, which is very practical because it’s easier to press the buttons with thumb than with pinky. However, in case you’re a left-hand user, you’re at a big disadvantage with this mouse.

Razer Naga has a 5,600dpi sensor that should ensure great preciseness, nonutilizable by a mere human hand. In case you found it imprecise, you either have a faulty piece, or it’s your hand shaking.

Naga retails for 80 dollars.

I use a bit older Razer model, Copperhead Tempest Blue, and I would never replace it with an ordinary mouse anymore. It has 7 buttons in total, which means I can make use of 4 additional buttons. I use one as double-click, one to alter the sensitivity, and the other two to copy-paste. Do you have a mouse with additional buttons, or do you use a regular 3-button mouse?