Touhou Piano Awesomeness by marasy

Touhou Piano

Touhou, that means breathtaking music; breathtaking music, that means godlike performers. This pattern precisely describes the following videos of two piano performances by a NND denizen, marasy. The first video will leave you at a loss for words. The second will make you grovel and worship the guy who played it.

That was Bad Apple! and here comes Night of Nights.

Here are the links to the above videos on NND: Bad Apple!, Night of Nights.

What else to say than that it’s utterly amazing?

I used to play the piano, but I never took any lessons. I was a self-learner. Even though the beginnings seemed promising and I learned fast, as time passed by, my progress was slowing down and eventually reached the state of stagnation. I don’t have much time to play these days, regrettably, so I will most likely not be able to improve my skills anymore. Unless I begin to play regularly again.

If I could reverse the time, I would like to take up the piano as a small child. Do you have any unrealizable wish of this sort?