Two Eva Fender guitars sold for 17 million yen

Fender Evangelion Guitars

Stratocaster on left, Telecaster on right

Fender USA, in collaboration with Evangelion, have made two Evangelion-themed guitars that were put up for auction on Yahoo Japan. Both guitars feature artwork of Ayanami Rei, which is on the body, and Lance of Longinus, which is quite logically printed on the neck, on its fret side, to be specific. The difference between the two guitars is that one of them is the Stratocaster model and the other one is Telecaster.

The auction started on December 1, with the starting bid of 500,000 yen (5,650 dollars) for each guitar, and ended on December 8. The bids for both increased significantly. Rei Telecaster was sold for 7,762,000 yen (87,800 dollars) and Rei Stratocaster went up to an even higher price 9,082,000 yen (102,740 dollars).

I wonder if the auction winners will use them for playing, or just put them on display.

Source: Oricon life

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