16 security cameras installed in Akihabara

Akihabara streets

In a reaction to the stabbing massacre that occurred in Akihabara in 2008, Kanda-Suehiro-cho neighborhood association have installed 16 surveillance cameras on lamps in Akihabara streets. These are the first cameras to be set up in this area.

The total price of getting the cameras on place climbed to almost 10 million yen. The prefectural government together with the ward took care of the expenses. Just for your information, you could buy about 3,000 nendoroids for that kind of money.

Another neighborhood association formed by local shop owners are planning to have a network of 35 cameras installed in the Akihabara Station surroundings by the end of March.

I doubt these cameras will help to prevent another case similar to the 2008 to happen. When somebody goes mad, he doesn’t care about being seen by a security camera. Furthermore, if the cameras were or weren’t there wouldn’t make any difference. In a crowded place like Akihabara is, a killer on rampage will always be spotted by countless eye-witnesses. As long as the surveillance cameras don’t shoot mad killers down, they’re useless. The only possible use I can think of is recording cosplayers on the streets. Somebody could hack into the camera system and provide people with a detailed scrutiny of girls in maid uniforms and other cosplays.

Source: Japan Today