Hatsune Miku Video Clips DVD Compilations

Hatsune Miku DVD ~memories~ and ~impacts~

The first compilations of Miku’s video clips are going to be released by Sony Music Direct and Dwango Music Entertainment on February 10. The two DVDs, “Hatsune Miku DVD ~memories~” and “Hatsune Miku DVD ~impacts~” will each comprise 13 music video clips made by well-known creators such as ryo, and many other composers.

“Memories” song list:

Hajimete no Oto – malo/puniko
Erekutorikku Enjeu de Tegaki Anime – Yasuo
World is Mine – supercell
celluloid – baker
Melody.exe ver2.0 – Kiyoshiki PV Sound Rengou
Black Rock Shooter – supercell
Last Night, Good Night – livetune
Dear – 19’s Sound Factory
Nebula – tripshots
LOL -lots of laught- – mikumix
Yuuhizaka – doriko
Smily x Smily PV ver.1.1 – GonGoss/Moch

“Impacts” song list:

Rage of Hatsune (ゲキド・オブ・ハツネ) – Honpoko
Poppippo~ – RamaazuP
I tried multiplying Hachune Miku (はちゅねミクをふやしてみた) – Otomania
Tie, Open, Rakshasa and Skeleton (Musunde Aite Rasetsu to Mukuro – Hachi
Love is War (恋は戦争) – supercell
Song of Turquoise Parade (トルコ行進曲) – Owata
Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Dot Art] – ika/yokota
Love-colored Ward (恋色病棟) – OSTER Project / YOji
Cremation Song (火葬曲) – No.D / Ueno
*Hello Planet – sasakure.UK
VOiCE – RavuriiP / Nyohoho
Konbini – cokesi / yunomi
Dove (ハト) – Kazemi Ren / brother

Each DVD will be sold for 3,939 yen, which is a pun on Miku’s name. 3 can be read as “mi” and 9 as “ku”. Does it ring a bell? This play on words has been used recently

Source: animeanime.jp