Kobayashi Yuu strikes (scribbles) again

Kobayashi Yuu's Scribble

Otaku club from Meiji University, the biggest otaku club in Japan, held a seiyuu event called “Himitsu no Tea Time” (trans. Secret Tea Time). The event featured two seiyuu who voiced the main characters in anime Maria†Holic, Sanada Asami and Kobayashi Yuu. The two came wearing the school uniform from the academy which the anime/manga takes place at.

Kobayashi Yuu and Sanada Asami

She has quite a good hand-writing, though. I would have never guessed that, judging from her scribbles.

One part of the event was “Drawing Corner”. Yes, drawing corner with the gifted artist Kobayashi Yuu. She definitely didn’t let anyone down and answered to the expectations, as you can see in the picture above. Such a unique, nonpareil artwork can hardly be put into words. Make your own view on it. That is, provided you can still do the viewing part.

Kobayashi Yuu and Sanada Asami

But Kobayashi is really cute, isn’t she? How can she produce such “uncute” scribbles is a mystery to me.

The event was probably a good one on the whole. At the end, Kobayashi and Sanada answered some questions. They both said that the best thing to go with onigiri is sake, that the most important thing for recording is sneakers, and that they drink water during recording. They also concurred when they were to replace XX in “XX Fall”. XX, in their opinion, should state for “appetizing”. Some of the other conversation revolved around food as well. They sure like to eat, don’t they?

Source: Akiba Souken