My first animation in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a very good application for 3D motion graphics that we use at CG classes. Our school has bought a school license that allows each student from the CG class to use Cinema 4D at home. We had to make a simple animation as a mid-term assignment and I felt that I just must put an anime texture on something. All the more reason to show it to you now that it’s finished. I hope you like it!

I had good time working on it, but sometimes it was frustrating when I couldn’t make it move like I wanted. Also, some effects were really bogging down my computer so I got the “not responding” error quite a few times. Seems it’s about time to replace my graphics card. But I guess I’ll have to make it my birthday wish. There’s no way I could afford it, unless I gave up on some figures. And that just wouldn’t do, of course.

Anyways, I think the video turned out well in the end. It’s quite short, but I like it. Well, I wouldn’t call it finished and would remade it if I didn’t like it.

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