Phantom Minds claims #1 on Daily Oricon Chart

Mizuki Nana - Phantom Minds

Mizuki Nana’s latest single called Phantom Minds, which was released yesterday (13th January), has ranked on the top of the Oricon Daily Single Ranking on its first day of sale and maintained this position the following day as well. The estimated number of sold copies is already over 30,000. This number completely eclipses the CDs on the second and lower places, from which just a few sold over 6,000.

Phantom Minds - Oricon Daily #1

If the sales don’t significantly drop, which isn’t very likely to happen, Nana will break her best record of copies sold in one week. Single Trickster has been so far the best selling Nana’s single in the first week after release, with 57,201 copies.

Song List:

1.Phantom Minds
2.Don’t be long
3.Song Communication
4.Juujika no Spread

Here’s a short teaser of Phantom Minds.

I believe that nothing stands in Nana’s way to have her single dominate the Weekly Single chart for the first time ever.