Potato Arm – potato chips transporter

Potato Arm ポテチの手

When you eat potato chips, your hands inevitably get greasy. If you’re eating at computer, your mouse and keyboard won’t be happy about it, as they will get dirty and they just don’t like it. And you don’t like it either, because it’s quite a big challenge to clean them. However, at the Toy Forum 2010, Takara Tomy company presented a new product that could help you out. It’s called “Potato Arm” (ポテチの手).

Basically, Potato Arm is a stick with a hand at one end. You can control the fingers and imitate the movement of human hand picking a potato chip. Therefore, you can eat your chips without soiling your hands.

The Potato Arm has an automatic cleaning system FECS (Finger Easy Cleaning System). You just put a tissue between the “fingers”, press a button, and they will rub themselves clean on their own.

Potato Arm is scheduled for July release and it will cost 699 yen.

It looks rather cool but I don’t think that many people will really buy it. After all, it must be a bit awkward using a stick to feed yourself. Nothing can replace the sense in your own fingers.

Source: Itai News