Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine

picture by genb

Two significant events fall on today, The Chinese New Year and the Valentine’s Day. The chance of this happening is about 1 to 30. In other words this is once in thirty years occurrence. Quite rare, isn’t it? So, Happy Chinese New Year and also Happy Valentine’s Day.

On another note, I’ve been sick since earlier this week and I’m on antibiotics. Fortunately, my head doesn’t hurt and I don’t have sore throat, either. Still, I feel a bit tired.

Biri Biri

On yet another note, the Olympics have begun. It began with two failures: one funny – torch failure – and one tragic. It’s sad that one’s great effort can lead to such a harsh, untimely death.

Nevertheless, I hope this will be good Olympics. What I’m most interested in is definitely ice hockey and speed skating, and I hope for some medals for the Czech Republic in these events. Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to watch the ice-hockey games the next day on a TV repeat due to the time zone difference.

And now it’s time for the ultimate Valentine’s present.

Fate T. Harlaown

picture by frapowa; check out this artist’s gallery for some nice heavy ecchi material; at frapowa’s blog you can find a PSD version of this picture with various layers so you can change Fate’s appearance and expression ^^