Haruhi Strikes All the Pins – animation

Another creation of mine. Again, it’s a very short video and this time it’s featuring Haruhi as the main character. Now, go for a strike, Haruhi! We all know you can do it. As long as something mysterious is involved, you’ll get pumped up and knock everything down. That’s clear like the fact that Mikuru has big eyes.

Do you recognize the symbol on the floor? If you’ve watched Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, you should, because it’s Midchilda’s magical circle. As for the wall behind the pins, it’s the symbol of Ushiromiya family from Umineko, the One-winged Eagle. Furthermore, have you noticed Beatrice’s reflection in the glass? ^^

The sound effect I’ve used comes from Umineko visual novel. Maybe it isn’t really fitting to the video, but I like it.

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