Max Factory’s eroge “se.kirara” will be available for free


Max Factory is entering new market field, eroge industry. Their upcoming game is called se.kirara and what’s most interesting at the moment is that they will distribute it for free. It is probably some kind of a marketing strategy to promote their new product and raise the sales of the limited edition, which will cost 2,800 yen. The limited edition will include the game and a figma of a certain character from the game.

se.kirara figma

The game looks very promising. And when I say looks, I mean looks, because I’m judging solely by graphic aspect. Well, not solely. Seiyuus sound pretty good, too. They are those typical eroge-like voices, but I can’t say I dislike it. The voices can say a lot about the character personality, or rather what kind of person you should expect the character to be. So, there are five main characters on the official site. First, Kawamura Yuu seems to be your typical cute and bright character. Next, Kagura Aya gives off the air of a carefree ojou-sama. Third is Miyuki Mana: a bit tsundereppoi meganekko. Fourth is Akiyama Nozomi, a flat character who seems to be that silent type of person. And finally the last one, who seems to be my favorite: Shizuno Isumi. Level-headed onee-sama-like type of character who is very elegant and you could even say she’s shining.

I’m looking forward to this. I believe it might be good.

For more information such as game scenario, character introductions and more, you can drop by the official website. It goes without saying that it’s completely in Japanese, as well as the game.


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