Ultimate Feito-chan Love

Fate Testarossa tattoo

What’s the ultimate expression of love? It’s something that is eternal. You can’t lose it, nobody can take it away from you, it can’t disappear. Something that will always be with you. One such thing is a tattoo. Unless you decide to have it removed, you’ll always have it on you. The guy in the picture probably had similar feelings and decided that a tattoo with Fate would be an excellent standout on his back.

He says it has cost him 30,000 yen so far but it’s not finished yet. It’ll take at least another 40 hours to finish and every hour of work will cost him 10,000 yen. Therefore, the final price will be no more than 430,000 yen.

Fate Testarossa tattoo

Since the tattooist was otaku too, the conversation went allegedly like that:

Fate-lover: I’d like a tattoo of Fate-chan on my back.

Tattooist: Ah, Fate-chan is nice, isn’t she!! How old should she be? What about the Barrier Jacket?

Fate-lover: 3rd grade of elementary school, and instead of Barrier Jacket,please come up with some different. And make sure Bardiche is there as well.

Tattooist: Okay, I’ll let you know once it’s ready.

He also says that he wants to have a tattoo with Nana-chan one day. I’d definitely want to see that.

Source: Kajisoku Forum Board

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