Angel Beats! Promo Video 8

Angel Beats!

Another promotional video of the upcoming anime Angel Beats!, written by Maeda Jun (Clannad, Air), animated by P.A.Works (Canaan, True Tears), has been streamed on the official site. Clocking to 2:36, it shows some scenes from the anime and a bit of the opening theme song. The opening song is called My Soul, Your Beats! and is performed by magnificent, touching-crystal-voice-endowed songstress Lia (OP from Clannad AS, OP from Air).

I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to this anime very, very much. The animation looks stunning and seems to be very detailed. The voices are quite pleasant as well. As regards the story, just knowing it’s written by Maeda Jun convinces me it will be good, if not epic.