FMA:B Episode 46 to rebroadcast without tsunami alert

Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) EP 46 to rebroadcast

February 28 broadcast episode of Fullmetal Alchemist was embellished, to countless people’s rage, with a map of Japan and warnings about the coming tsunami waves, caused by the recent earthquake in Chile. The voices of furious fans who demanded a re-broadcast has made its way to a few TV companies that decided to comply to their forceful wills.

Episode 46, “The Creeping Shadow”, is going to be rebroadcast on two TV channels. March 6, 28:20 on TBS, and the same day, that is March 6, at 28:33 on MBS. Note that this actually means that it’s going to be broadcast in the early morning of the 7th of March.

I’m very glad they’ve decided to rebroadcast it without the annoying warnings that were spread over about one eighth of the screen. Yet, it’s understandable why they did so. A tsunami is a tsunami, after all. Anyways, it’s them, the TV people, who spoiled the broadcast so they’re obliged not to let it be like that, I think.


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