New Shinkansen about to be named Hatsune

Shinkansen E5 Series

The new E5 series Shinkansen train is to commence operation on Touhoku line in Spring 2011. East Japan Railway Company is now having a poll on what nickname to give to the new train type. Due to its coloring, which, supposedly coincidentally, coincides with colors of Hatsune Miku, fans of Miku who have noticed the similarity have started a campaign to make others take part in the voting and, of course, vote for the name “Hatsune”. The word has spread on Mixi and Twitter and the nickname “Hatsune” has got lots of votes. Since there are no other organized efforts and campaigns for the nickname, and the poll concludes on 31 March, it’s very likely that the name “Hatsune” will eventually become the nickname of the E5 Shinkansen Series trains.

E5 Series trains specifications:

Car body construction: Aluminium alloy
Car length: 26,500 mm (end cars), 25,000 mm (intermediate cars)[2]
Width: 3,350 mm
Height: 3,650 mm
Maximum speed: 320 km/h (the trains will initially run at 300 km/h max until 2013)
Acceleration: 1.71 km/h/s
Electric system: 25 kV AC, 50 Hz overhead
Safety system: DS-ATC
Gauge: 1,435 mm
Number under construction: 590 vehicles (59 sets) on order
Formation: 10 cars per trainset
Capacity: 731 (658 Standard, 55 Green, 18 Super Green)
Operator: JR East
Line served: Touhoku Shinkansen

Even though there are lots of supporters of the Hatsune idea, there are also individuals that take a stand against it. They operate with arguments such as that you can’t name something so ugly after the cute Hatsune, or that some train-otaku will fap over it so you can’t be so cruel to name it Hatsune.

If the E5 will get the name Hatsune in the end, it would be very befitting to use Miku’s voice for the train announcements.

Source: Itai News