Saki Tacos Ramen

Tacos Ramen

On the occasion of releasing the 9th DVD of TV anime series Saki, a special Tacos Ramen was being sold. There is going to be a second round of Tacos Ramen sale on March 22. The stall opens at 11 o’clock outside Akihabara Station. One bowl of Tacos Ramen solds for 600 yen, plus 100 yen more if you choose any of additional toppings.

Tacos Ramen

The first sale attracted more customers than had been expected. They probably thought they would gain vigor and energy from it exactly like Yuuki ^^

If you ask me, it’s quite an odd looking ramen. Putting tacos ingredients into ramen is quite an odd thing to do, after all. Nonetheless, it may taste good.


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