DFC Saturday #8

Noumi Kudryavka

Noumi Kudryavka by akahige

It’s the Holy Saturday today but primarily it’s Saturday, which means it’s the Flatday. Maybe I could start using this word instead of plain Saturday. How does it sound, Flatday? If you like it, feel free to spread it all over the world. Holy Flatday, that’s even better ^^’ I’d better stop this naming gibberish and just serve you some pictures for now.

Illustration by gaou

Shimada Minami

Shimada Minami by Oda Kenichi

Mitarai Fumika

Mitarai Fumika by 3u

Shalon from Quiz Magic Academy by ryo

Etna by kurono

Noumi Kudryavka

Noumi Kudryavka by akahige

Houjou Kuniko

Houjou Kuniko by Range Murata


BRS by nakatanbo

BRS and Hatsune Miku

BRS and Hatsune Miku by mito