Japan Self Defense Force Using Moe for Recruitment

Many people are aware of the power of moe in Japan and there has been a lot of cases when moe characters have been used for promoting and advertising. This time, it’s none other than the Japan Army who have decided to make use of persuasive force of cute, 2D girls to increase their numbers by new recruits.

This campaign is carried on by Tokushima Provincial Cooperation Office in collaboration with animation studio ufotable who have made the poster. The reason for adopting this style of promotion is said to be to give students a poster they would like to put up in their rooms. In other words, make them interested in the poster by its visual facet.

The girl in the poster is a Sergeant of Third Class serving in Air Self-Defense Force wearing summer uniform ^^ Quite cute a Sergeant, I must admit.

Article on the official site of Tokushima Provincial Cooperation Office.

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