K-ON!! OP&ED Band Music Score Announcement

The music score for opening and ending theme songs from currently ongoing moe TV series K-ON!! is scheduled to May 26 release, under the title “Ofisharu bando yarou yo! ~Let’s MUSIC!!~ ” (Let’s Do Official Band!! ~Let’s MUSIC!!~). Besides the scores, the release will include a CD with various instrumental versions of both songs.

K-ON!! Official Band Yarou Yo! OP&ED Band Music Score

1. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental)
2. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental【-Guitsr1】)
3. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental【-Guitsr2】)
4. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental【-Keyboard】)
5. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental【-Bass】)
6. GO!GO!MANIAC (Instrumental【-Drums】)
7. Listen!! (Instrumental)
8. Listen!! (Instrumental【-Guitsr1】)
9. Listen!! (Instrumental【-Guitsr2】)
10. Listen!! (Instrumental【-Keyboard】)
11. Listen!! (Instrumental【-Bass】)
12. Listen!! (Instrumental【-Drums】)

The regular OP and ED releases are due to April 28. You can order them here and here respectively.