Umineko EP6 ED2 Song – Usan no Kaori [eng trans]

I’ve attempted to translate another song from Umineko, the final ending of Umineko EP6, that is the song Usan no Kaori, which plays at the end of the tea party of witches. It seems to be written from the perspective of one of the Witch Hunters, maybe Prof.Otsuki. This song is really weird and I just love it. The inclusion of the scene sounds, most of which come from the game itself, is pretty interesting aspect. Anyways, I hope you will like the song, as well as the translation. Again, even if you haven’t read or watched Umineko, simply enjoy the artistic facet.

Amidst the cries of seagulls,
the island is ploddingly drifting in the tumbling waves.
It’s the Occult Island.
Nothing can stop my throbbing heart.
I’m moaning in pleasure! It’s time to satiate my thirst for knowledge!

I’ve gone through the grimoires so many times,
yet it’s full of things I just don’t get.
Ga! Good Bye my worries!
So long my secluded days.
I’ve arrived on the mysterious old island of my dreams

Only I am permitted into this dazzling room
as I have reached the answer.
Wherever you look it’s gold and gold.
Yahoo! Pa Pa Ya! Ah
I’m aware this is a forbidden paradise.

0(null) 7(sieben) 15(fünfzehn) 11(elf) 29(neunundzwanzig)

A swift unpleasant sound has reached my ears.
That’s impossible.
No one is supposed to be here after all.
What’s up with this island?
The surging anxiety is creeping across my face
and my steps are being drawn further and further in.

The golden butterflies
and the clinging Seven Stakes.
Blades and barriers.
Red text as well as blue text.
I give up for good.
So long the occult island.
I will never set foot here ever again.

Locked up I scream with tremendous fear:
“Where am I?”
“In a bizarre space packed with witches?!”
Oh No! My God… Ha…! !
The legend lies shrouded along its suspicious truth.