DFC Saturday #14


Cirno by marotang

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying your Saturday, or do you have heaps of work to get done and have no energy to get started? Either way, the regular Saturday gallery is going to help you recharge your batteries a bit.

picture by Onija Tarou

Nakano Azusa

Nakano Azusa by Segami Daisuke

Yoshino Sakura

Yoshino Sakura by okayu

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku by k-asul

picture by tinker bell

3.1 OS-tan

3.1 OS-tan by Aoi Kumiko

Kisaragi Chihaya

Kisaragi ChihayaKomi Zumiko

Wakakusa Nanoha

Wakakusa Nanoha by Kikuchi Seiji

Patchouli, Marisa, Remilia, and Shanghai by syao