Japan’s first film university to be launched next year

A vocational film school in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture, has been arranged to become the first accredited film production specialized university in Japan. The objective of this future university is to draw students not only from all corners of Japan but also from all nooks of Asia. First students will enter the university next year in April when the school year begins in Japan.

“We hope to make the university a major movie hub, gathering young Asians,” said Satou Tadao, the head of the Japan Academy of Moving Images.

“Making it a university was a dream of director Imamura,” he said, referring to the late film director Imamura Shouhei, who founded the predecessor of the Japan Academy.

Imamura, a two-time laureate of the Cannes International Film Festival Palme d’Or for ‘The Ballad of Narayama’ and ‘The Eel’, set up the previous school 35 years ago. Graduates of the school include many well-known filmmakers, for example Sang-il Lee, the director of ‘Hula Girls’.

Film academies in South Korea and China have previously asked for an exchange program with the school, but it couldn’t be realized since it wasn’t an accredited institution that could shift credits between other similar institutions and offer scholarships.

The new school intends to continue teaching various film-making techniques as they have so far, and provide additional education essential for understanding diverse arts cultures. Not only film cultures, but also literature, philosophy, and language cultures.

The school plans to reduce the current enrollee limit from 200 to 140 per year when it becomes a university.

Source: Japan Today