K-ON!! massively dominates Oricon Weekly Chart

K-ON!! tops Oricon Weekly Chart

It’s been about a year since K-ON! first season OP (GO! GO! Maniac!) and ED (Listen!!) singles were released and claimed the top ranks in Oricon charts. The history repeats itself and new K-ON!! OP and ED singles are here to rank top once again. This time, the OP and ED singles stayed at the top for 6 consecutive days, which means they have even managed to rank 1st and 2nd, respectively, in the Weekly Singles Chart. That is a great achievement for an anime CD, which is unprecedented.

Houkago Tea Time band is only the third female act ever to rank 1st and 2nd at the same time in the weekly singles chart. Fuji Keiko achieved that in 1970 and Matsuda Seiko followed in her steps in 1983.

Between April 27 and May 2, “GO! GO! Maniac!” and “Listen” sold 81,093 and 74,371 copies, respectively. Only few artists’ CDs sell this well. For comparison, Mizuki Nana’s best first-week record is 57,201 copies.

Source: Oricon, ANN