K-ON!! New Single – Pure Pure Heart

K-ON!! Single - Pure Pure Heart

In episode 7 of K-ON!!, Houkago Tea Time introduced a new song called Pure Pure Heart. This song is going to be released as another K-ON single, and the second song included is going to be a rock version of the school anthem of Sakuragaoka High School. The release is scheduled to June 2 and you can already preorder it at CDJapan.

The part with the song from ep 07:

Single Song List:

1. Pure Pure Heart
2. Sakuragaoka girl’s high school song [Rock Ver.]
3. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental)
4. Sakuragaoka girl’s high school song [Rock Ver.] (Instrumental)
5. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental 【-Guitar1】)
6. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental 【-Guitar2】)
7. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental 【-Keyboard】)
8. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental 【-Bass】)
9. Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental 【-Drums】)

Since I have heard the passage with the new song just twice so far, I haven’t got any reasonable opinion on it, but the first impression was pretty good. Furthermore, Mio is the singer for this song, which is another good point.