NHK to air a TV show about popular anime songs

NHK is going to introduce a new program introducing popular anime songs from 2000 to 2009. Its name is Moeru! Nakeru! Moeru Zero Nendai Shugyoku no Anime Song Special (萌える!泣ける!燃える ゼロ年代 珠玉のアニメソングスペシャル). Various artists will appear in it, including JAM Project, Lia, Ishikawa Chiaki, Gojou Mayumi, Ikeda Ayako, and Oku Hanako, and composers, including Kousaki Satoru, and Tanaka Kouhei. The show is scheduled to air in August and should be about 3 hours long.

The show contents will be divided into 3 groups, as the title implies. First is “Moeru (萌える)”, which will consist of cute songs and catchy tunes, usually performed by seiyuu or idols. The next one is “Nakeru (泣ける)”, songs that are supposed to make you sad and bring you to tears, provided you understand the lyrics. Otherwise, you won’t follow the deep emotional story of the song and you will only enjoy the solemn melody and singing. The third group is yet again called “Moeru (燃える)” but the kanji are different. This “moeru” means to get fired up. These songs are epic, heroic and they should ignite a fire inside of you and get you all pumped up.

It would be great if this show helped to change the popular opinion on anime songs in Japan, because their position is not very good and they are often scornfully looked down on. That’s why I hope that common people realize their opinions are simply biased and judge anime songs objectively.


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