DFC Saturday #19

picture by Tougetsu Gou

How did you enjoy your Saturday? I hope you experienced only positive things and in case you didn’t really have a good time, this regular gallery post will do the best to present you some entertainment. Also, if you’re sad that the Japanese soccer team lost to the Netherlands, the following pictures will try to brighten your spirits.

Black Rock Shooter, Deadmaster

BRS and Deadmaster by senano-yu

Sayaka - Saru Getchu

Sayaka from Saru Getchu by starfox


Jakuri by terumii

Tachibana Kanade

Tachibana Kanade by Kishi Nisen; the text in the picture says: “Guard Skill: Bust Sonic” ^^

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku by bamola

Inami Miharu

Inami Miharu by k10k

Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter by hoshie

Nakano Azusa

Nakano Azusa by Kazushiki Midori

Fate Testarossa

Fate Testarossa by 40010prototype