Kuwazugirai TV Show – Mizuki Nana vs. Jejung

Mizuki Nana and Jejung

Mizuki Nana appeared in the TV show Kuwazugirai, which is a very interesting Japanese TV show. There are two attendees and each of them has to choose 4 dishes, one of which they don’t like. They sit together at one table, eat the chosen dishes, and try to find out which of the 4 dishes the other person dislike. The one who doesn’t get it right has to decide on a batsu-geemu (punishment game) for himself or herself. In this instalment of Kuwazugirai, there were Mizuki Nana and singer-actor Jejung.

Well, Nana-chan doesn’t like the smell of celery and Jejung isn’t very fond of raw horse meat and sashimi (slices of raw meat, usually fish) in general.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the videos have been put down and are not available now.