DFC Saturday #21

Aisaka Taiga and Ookami Ryouko

Aisaka Taiga and Ookami Ryouko by unknown artist

I’m leaving early tomorrow and won’t be coming back until Monday. Therefore, this week’s DFC Saturday comes a bit earlier than usual since I’m writing it on Friday night. But who cares, right? On top of it, timewise, it will be Saturday here (CET +01:00) when this post makes it to the public ^^

Illustration by Fujima Takuya

Izayoi Sakuya

Izayoi Sakuya by waribasi

Nishimura sisters from Please Teach Me ABC by sin-go

Yukimura Tokine from Kekkaishi by haruyama

Oshino Shinobu

Oshino Shinobu by nil

Nakano Azusa

Nakano Azusa by izumi q

Himemiya Ruri by h2so4

Illustration by masatou


K-ON! girls by samuraichamp
Azunyan: Ritsu-senpai, tell me clearly what you want?
Ricchan: I want ____
Azunyan: You have to say it louder or else I won’t hear you
Ricchan: I want an A/C
Azunyan: Ahaha!! You hardly practice and yet you’re asking for an A/C? You greedy brat!