Nendoroid Hinagiku and Hayate Announcement

Nendoroid Hayate no Gotoku

I’ve been reading Hayate no Gotoku manga these past days when I was away and very much enjoyed the events that are not covered in the anime adaptations so I’m very happy about this new Nendoroid announcement. Hinagiku is my favorite character from this anime/manga, after all. This is the first Nendoroid made by Max Factory, I think. Why is that, I wonder.

Nendoroid Hinagiku is scheduled for November release and Nendoroid Hayate is scheduled to come a month later, that is in December. There are no pictures of Nagi but the scan says she is scheduled for January next year.

Nendoroid Hina seems to be coming together with her sword Masamune and a shinai. On top of it, you will be able to attach to her a pair of nekomimi and a tail ^^

Source: Figure / GK