Amagami SS – Junichi’s next target?

Amagami SS

Those who watch Amagami SS might understand what I meant by the question in the headline. If you’re in doubt, let me give you a hint that I am not asking what girl he will be after in the 3rd arc. With this much of a hint, it’s pretty much obvious since there can be only one other meaning of the said question. The target implies the part of the body he will kiss in the next arc ^^

First, it was the back of the knee.

Amagami SS

Now, it was the belly button.

Amagami SS

What will be the aim of his next assault? I have a few ideas myself and I wonder if any of it will be the correct one. What about you? What place do you think will Junichi target next?

I bet on the armpit! ^^

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