Anime Characters Periodic Table

Periodic Table of Anime Characters

Sankaku Complex has come across and presented us a very interesting learning tool for everybody who needs to memorize the periodic table of elements. Provided you have an extensive knowledge of anime and games characters. Every element is represented by an anime character or a certain anime/game title, and the name of the character or the series reflects the chemical symbol of the element. For example, Li (Lithium) stands for Little Busters, Al (Aluminium) stands for Alice Carroll, N (Nitrogen) stands for Nanoha, and Rg (Roentgenium) stands for Railgun (nickname of Misaka Mikoto). However, the actual efficacy of this learning system is to be doubted.

Can you recognize the association pattern for all of them? ^^ It’s very unlikely. I dare say impossible. Feel free to post you guesses here or you can visit Actar’s post where all but one element’s pattern have been puzzled out.