DFC Saturday #27


Jakuri from Ar Tonelico by Inumori Sayaka

This week’s installment of DFC Saturday is not late! Yay! It’s been a while since it was in time the last time ^^; Now, this gallery features quite a lot of Touhou girls since there’s been a lot of nice new illustrations of Reimu and co. recently. I hope they are your type ^^ If not, you might enjoy for example the K-ON material XD Without any further ado, let’s move on to the staple of this post, the actual pictures.

Nakano Azunyan

Azunyan by Imao Kiiru

Kirisame Marisa

Kirisame Marisa by chikadou; check out his illustrations if you feel like seeing some Touhou NSFW pics

Kunihiro Hajime

Kunihiro Hajime by michael

Tainaka Ritsu

Tainaka Ritsu by funky-harem

Kataoka Tacos Yuuki

Tacos by a1

Hinanawa Tenshi

Hinanawa Tenshi by yamasan

Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet by gisyo

Hakurei Reimu

Hakurei Reimu by illusionk

Strike Witches

Wicchiizu Lucchini, Lynne, Miyafuji, and Hartmann by Koume Keito