HTT clubroom’s real life model was about to catch fire


I feel as if my blog has been turning into a blog about nothing but K-ON recently, but this quite an interesting news. As you probably know, K-ON school Sakurakou has a real-life model, a former school in Toyosato town, near Kyoto. Unlike in Haruhi school’s case, K-ON’s real life model is open for visitors and the musicroom is decorated with countless K-ON merchandise, as well as various things that appeared in the anime, including Giita, Erizabesu, and Muttan.

Regarding this case, somebody tried recreating the part from episode 11 of the second season where the girls are boiling hot and trying to find something to cool themselves with, they fish out an old electric fan in the storage room. This person brought an old electric fan and left it in the club room. So far there’s no problem. However, apparently, after some time this electric fan started to smoke and caught on fire when somebody turned it on. Thankfully, the fire doesn’t seem to have inflicted any damage. But should it catch fire when nobody was present, it might have caused serious harm.

Toyosato Elementary School

This is likely to be the culprit

Henceforth, it’s prohibited to bring any electric appliances or any other hazardous material into the music room. To K-ON fans delight, the town mayor hasn’t taken any further measures, so the Houkago Tea Time’s clubroom remains open for public.

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