International Saimoe League Regular Season Results


Shana has won 3 out of 7 necklaces

The regular season of ISML 2010 is over and 16 contestants have advanced to the Double Elimination phase to fight for the Heavenly Tiara. Double Elimination starts on September 11 so make sure you don’t forget to support your favorite characters in their arduous struggle against other powerful opponents. Now, who exactly are the 16 that advanced further? It’s 3 Kugimiya-byou spreading characters, 3 members of a certain school band, 2 Key company characters, 2 Shaft’s “monsters”, 1 alien, 1 eccentric trouble-maker, 1 king of Camelot, 1 student council president, 1 certain left-handed older fraternal twin, and 1 Level 5. Here are the standings with actual names.

ISML 2010 Regular Season Results

I’m very sad that Fate didn’t make it in. She was on the 16th rank until Diamond 5, that is 3 rounds before the end, but in the end she fell down the table to #20. At least, I’d rather see Rin or Mafuyu in the top 16 instead of Hitagi.

The first round of Double Elimination seeds #1 against #16, #2 against #15 and it continues in the same pattern. We’ll see some interesting matches that are noteworthy. Probably the most exciting will be Mio against Yui, match between bandmates, though the odds are much in favor of Mio. Taiga vs. Nagi will be a match where Kugyuu fans won’t be very sad no matter who wins, but it’ll be intriguing to see whether Nagi will make it hard for Taiga or not. The only match I really don’t care about is Haruhi vs. Saber. In the rest of the matches, I support Shana, Hinagiku, Mio, Mikoto, Taiga, Kyou, and I’m still not decided whether to vote for Tomoyo or Azunyan. Whoever I choose, I will feel sad for the other one. That’s the cruel reality of Saimoe Tournament T_T XD