K-ON!! singles rank #2 and #3 on Oricon Daily Chart

K-ON!! - No, Thank You

K-ON!! 2nd OP Utauyo!! MIRACLE and 2nd ED NO, Thank You! singles were released on August 4. The first day of sales, the single NO, Thank You! recorded 28,916 sold copies and ranked #2 on the Oricon daily single chart. The opening single Utauyo!! MIRACLE recorded a bit fewer sold copies, 28,172, and followed on the #3 rank. The following day, they sold 26,989 and 26,686 copies respectively, and ranked the same on the Oricon chart.

As expected, K-ON releases sell very well again and outrank other regular CDs. Well done! I’m glad that K-ON made it into the top 3 again and particularly the ending song really deserves it, I think. A few days ago, I was woken up at 5 AM, but it was very pleasant since it was caused by somebody listening to NO, Thank You! ^^