Mizuki Nana – IMPACT EXCITER review

I finally received my copy of IMPACT EXCITER last week, together with 2 other CDs. I had to wait for my order to be shipped because of the other CD which wasn’t released until July 21. The limited edition of IMPACT EXCITER comes in a hard cardboard case in which there are three things. The CD, the DVD with special footage, and a photobook.





CD review:

There are 16 songs on the CD, some of which are new, some of which have been released on some singles before.

Instrumental opening of the album without any voice. Quite well composed. I think it perfectly shows what the album as a whole is going to sound like.

Smoothly follows the first track. It is a good song for the start since it’s fast and energetic, but that’s all I can say about it. I didn’t particularly like it.

Now, here it’s getting much better. This is probably my favorite from the new songs. It’s about as fast as the second song, but Nana’s voice is much more expressive in MYSTERION. I like the parts where Nana’s voice suddenly shift the pitch as if she sigh-sang.

4. Silent Bible
I’ve loved this song ever since I heard it the first time on Silent Bible single and there’s nothing left for me to say about it.

5. Young Alive
I don’t like the guitar parts in this song. They obscure Nana’s voice >_< But even if it didn't, the whole song is pretty bland and it sounds the same the whole time.

A medium paced joyful song with loud beats. Nana’s voice is quite cute here and that’s the reason I can say I like this song. The lyrics include very noticeable Engrish ^^

The beginning reminded me of StrikerS openings somehow. It’s another one of the faster songs, which form the heft of this album. Nana’s voice is very clear in DRAGONIA and blends well with the instruments. I really like this song and I think I may like this song even better, the more I listen to it.

8. Mugen
The opening song from White Album 2nd season. I liked the first opening even more, but Mugen still counts as one of Nana’s songs that I find unique.

9. Natsu Koi Moyou
The first slow-paced song supposed to warm your heart on this album. I find it enjoyable but it would be better if it were a bit shorter. It’s getting a bit lengthy at the end.

10. Koi no Yokushiryoku -type EXCITER-
I like the pace of this song. It’s not extremely fast, neither it’s slow. Nana’s voice comes on the top and the background even accentuates it.

It’s time for magical girls! How come that every MSLN song is great?

12. Strobe Cinema
Lots and lots of Engrish. But I don’t really mind it. The melody is pretty catchy and I’m sure you won’t get bored.

13. Toraware no Babel
It reminds me a bit of Gimmick Game. The rhythm is very catchy and I can feel it flowing through my body XD

14. Albireo
Great choice of instruments. The song has the old ages feeling and Nana’s voice is very strong here. The traditional instruments create a great beginning and end of the song.

15. Don’t be long
More of the great material from Nanoha. It manages to convey the emotions perfectly.

16. Shichigatsu Nanoka
The slowest and sweetest song from the album. The title means July 7 (07/07) which should be officially registered and celebrated worldwide as Nana Day. It’s impossible to put this song in words. Sorry XD

Out of the new songs on this album, my favorites are DRAGONIA, Mysterion, Albireo, and Shichigatsu Nanoka. But none of them can beat songs such as Silent Bible or Mugen. The second half of this CD seems to be better than the first half. But there’s Silent Bible in the first half which compensates it a bit XD All in all, I can honestly say that I love this album. The only song I didn’t like was Young Alive.

The CD booklet text print is silver and reflects light, which looks absolutely wonderful and goes very well with the rest.


DVD review:

Lesson One: English

Nana and staff traveled to England for a series of photo shoots. It was in March 2009 and Nana was saying she was cold all the time.
Nana fans in England, you’re obliged to visit a pub called Crown & Sceptre, located on 86 Great Titchfield Street, since it’s shown in the video that it’s the place of origin of Ultimate Diamond cover. Furthermore, she seems to have been staying in Royal Lancaster hotel.
It was so funny to watch how Nana was extremely excited after seeing the tourist spots such as St.Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Her expressions were so sweet.
By the way, Lesson One comes with English subtitles, so even those of you who don’t understand Japanese can enjoy this part to the fullest.

Lesson Two: P.E.
Brilliant! It’s brilliant! Nana is learning how to throw the baseball and you can guess how cute that must be.

Lesson Three: Society
Nana’s visit to her hometown Niihama. She rode in the cablecar for which she had narrated the audio guide commentary. After that, she and the staff visited a mining museum.

Lesson Four: Science
Nana and her staff visited Nihon Kagaku Miraikan. It seems to be some kind of museum of various departments of modern science, including space and ocean traveling, robotics, and human body. Miraikan means something like Building of Future. Nana showed a lot of adorable expressions there, too, since she was stricken by surprise countless times.

Lesson Five: Home Economics
Cooking with Nana! Do I have to say what she made? It’s obvious enough, isn’t it? XD

Lesson Six: Dance
Nana showed and explained the choreography for Koi no Yokushiryoku -Type EXCITER-. It was really nice!

Lesson Seven: Japanese
This part was about the lyrics for Shichigatsu Nanoka. Nana said that when she heard the song first, it made her think of stars. And since the album was to be released on July 7, the day of Tanabata festival which is related to stars and love, Nana decided on the title Shichigatsu Nanoka (July 7). Then she talked more about the lyrics. Btw. from now on, there’s a new word for “sky” which all Nana fans ought to use, and that is “Mizuki” XD The video ends with Nana singing Shichigatsu Nanoka. She sounds so sweet in that song.

It was a very pleasant watch and every fan of Nana will surely enjoy those 75 minutes.

Mizuki Nana

Now, here are some photos from the photobook. I needn’t say it looks wonderful.


Mizuki Nana

Mizuki Nana

Mizuki Nana

The photos look great. Nana changes several outfits and they all really suit her.

Now for some final words. IMPACT EXCITER didn’t let me my high expectations down. It presents a lot of new songs, though none of them is as amazing as some of the older songs from my viewpoint. Both the DVD and the photobook are great bonuses and well worth the extra 500 yen. No. It’s not just worth it; it’s an amazing bargain for 500 yen. So if you haven’t gotten this album yet and want to get it, opt for the limited edition and hurry while it’s available.