DFC Saturday #33

Hiiragi Tsukasa

Hiiragi Tsukasa by charmal

A week has passed and another Saturday has come upon us. How have you been doing this past week? Summer is over and we’re a few days into Fall. Some places on earth are relieved of the four-season weather routine, but here it’s the stark reality. Rains are more frequent now, wind is stronger and colder and pierces through the skin, mornings are chilly, and foliage is changing colors. All of this can affect one’s mood and as a result, lots of people feel blue now. Therefore, one needs something to defend himself against the voracious melancholy with. Now, here comes that something. Enjoy!

Cure Sunshine

Cure Sunshine by eto

Komeiji Koishi and Satori

Komeiji Koishi and Satori by yukitokaze

Umenomori Chise

Umenomori Chise by unknown artist


Kowarekake by unknown artist

Minase Iori

Minase Iori by number23

Akai Ringo

Akai Ringo by shomon

Tainaka Ritsu

Ricchan by tacomi

Izayoi Sakuya

Izayoi Sakuya by sayori

Nakano Azusa

Azunyan by Senomoto Hisashi