Hikasa Youko: “I’m happy I could perform Mio”


Following with yesterday’s post about Aki-chan’s blogpost regarding the end of K-ON!!. I had a look at Hiyocchi’s blog to find a similar post to the Aki-chan’s one. Likewise, she expresses her gratefulness and happiness for being able to be a part of K-ON cast. It’s such a nice, heart-warming post that I had to write about this one as well. I hope it can warm you at least a bit inside.


The post’s translation:

The last episode of K-ON!! is about to air on TBS.

Ah, I’m so nervous.

It seemed to be long but it was so short.
The high school life flew by in a blink of eye.
Thanks to Yui and others
I was able to have some brilliant time. I’m happy for that.
I’m happy I could perform Mio.
Mio, I love you.Thank you, everyone!

I hope that lots of feelings of thankfulness reach all of you who watch it.

Hikasa is on alert with two boxes of tissues at hand.
(T_T)My eyes are sweating already.

Everyone, definitely, definitely watch it please.

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