K-ON!! Character Song singles rank #1 and #2 on Oricon

K-ON!! Character Song Akiyama Mio

K-ON did it again. K-ON singles have occupied the top two ranks in Oricon Daily Ranking upon their release. This time, K-ON!! Character Image Song Akiyama Mio(Seishun Vibration) ranked first and K-ON!! Character Image Song Hirasawa Yui(Oh my Giita!) followed second. Mio Character Song single sold 9021 on the first day; Yui Character Image Song single sold only 171 copies fewer, that is 8850. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that previously released K-ON!! single Gohan wa Okazu, despite being released about 2 weeks ago, is still holding on the ninth rank. K-ON!! is performing just great! Way to go!

You can purchase the singles, Hirasawa Yui Character Image Song Single and Akiyama Mio Character Image Song Single on CDJapan. Ritsu, Mugi, and Azusa Image Song singles are coming out on November 17.

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