K-ON characters dominate Newtype popularity ranking

Newtype Character Popularity Ranking

As the end of K-ON is approaching, the popularity of all members of Light Music Club is rapidly growing. The increase is so significant that the 5 of them now completely rule over the top 5 in Newtype’s character popularity ranking. These results are very pleasant for all K-ON fans and it lives up to the lyrics of K-ON!! OP2. “Thank you for all the love. (Daisuki wo arigatou)” Ah, Houkago Tea Time, long live in the hearts of your fans. We will never forget about you and your songs will reverberate in our souls forever and ever.

The ranking:

1. Akiyama Mio
2. Hirasawa Yui
3. Nakano Azusa
4. Tainaka Ritsu
5. Kotobuki Tsumugi
6. Tenshi
7. Yuri
8. Suzumiya Haruhi
9. Ayanami Rei
10. Nagato Yuki

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