My Top 3 Songs – September 2010

BUCK-TICK - Kuchizuke

Several days ago, I got an idea for another article series. This one will be monthly and will feature my top 3 songs that were released that month. It can be released on a single, an album, on anything, but it has to be a song by a Japanese artist. Technically speaking, it can also be non-Japanese artists in case they reside in Japan. So for example Jero is still eligible ^^ The selection of songs has no particular order, so there is no absolute winner unless I specifically say so.

I think this is enough for the explanation. Now, let’s have a look at my top 3 this month.

BUCK-TICK – Kuchizuke (くちづけ)

This is the opening theme from horror anime Shiki. It very well matches the atmosphere of the anime since the song itself is quite dark and inscrutable. I’m not an avid fan of BUCK-TICK, but every now and then they make a song that suits my musical tastes. Kuchizuke is one of them. The melody is rather captivating and the part with glockenspiel (or a similar instrument) is playful yet sinister. You can also check out the making of the PV video on Youtube.

Houkago Tea Time – Gohan wa Okazu (ごはんはおかず)

Houkago Tea Time - Gohan wa Okazu, U&I

It’s a dreamy collaboration of carbohydrates. Yes, this song has extremely funny lyrics, so very typical of Houkago Tea Time songs. Yui sings about how amazing rice is, how it goes with any other food, and how it is the main part of her dishes. Add Aki-chan’s sweet – I don’t like the word moeblob but I guess I can’t argue if you use it in this case – voice and you get a joyful song that will lift your spirits whenever you feel down. I was actually wavering whether to choose Gohan wa Okazu or the other song U&I; but in the end I picked this one since it’s more lively. On the other hand, U&I; has more heart-warming lyrics…

Kotobuki Minako – Shiny+

There’s no way I could miss out this one. It’s the title song of Mina-chan’s debut single after all. It’s so sweet. And so is Mina-chan in the PV, of course. HHHNNNNNNNGG! However blue I would feel, Shiny+ would surely set me free from the fetters of melancholy.

This is it for September. Let’s look forward together to October’s helping of music.