Touhou Project gets anime by ufotable

Touhou Anime Tenchou

There’s already been an OVA called Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime – Musou Kakyou, but apart from the seiyuu cast, it wasn’t any good. After all, it was a fan-made, unofficial video. But this time, it’s an official project by studio ufotable. They have announced they will collaborate in two projects to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Animate mascot character Anime Tenchou – the strange dude that appeared in Lucky Star – and one of them is called Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project.

Both projects will be presented at the ANIMATE Ichioshi Bishōjo Matsuri event which is taking place in Tokyo on November 20. ZUN has stated on Twitter that he is not involved in production of this OVA.

Let’s see what it turns out like. At least the animation should be better than in the unofficial OVA.

Source: ANN

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