Happy Birthday Aki-chan!!!

Toyosaki Aki

The time has come. Aki-chan has turned 24 today. お誕生日おめでとう、愛生ちゃん。

Toyosaki Aki birthday cake

Aki-chan appeared as a guest on Shibuya Anime Land radio program 2 days ago, where she received a 24-birthday cake. And the shape of the cake was of nothing else but an acoustic guitar. Aki-chan didn’t want to eat it at first and says on her blog that she shouted “Giita!!!” while cutting the cake. Here’s the recording of the whole show. Btw. On Planet Sphere Radio, Aki-chan received a Halloween-themed birthday cake with a ghost on the top and cream inside.

Aki-chan has her own live radio program Okaeri Radio which airs every Thursday at 22:30 Japan time. Today’s Okaeri Radio, in celebration of her birthday, will be exceptionally a video broadcast. I can’t wait! You can watch it here. Just click on the play button.

Toyosaki Aki

A few more videos:

Tokushima Bizan Ropeway Downwards – Aki-chan has done the commentary

Tokushima Bizan Ropeway Upwards – Aki-chan has done the commentary

And more…

A birthday picture by a certain pixiv user 小安 from Taiwan.

I tried googling “Toyosaki Aki birthday” on Japanese sites in search of some bloggers who celebrated Aki-chan’s birthday and have come across one picture of an Akicake. I wonder… How do they get hold of such cakes? It’s hard to believe they make it themselves since you need to have the picture printed on the edible paper. Do they have it made in patisseries? If that’s the case, those guys really have got some balls.

Toyosaki Aki fan birthday cake

If you wonder, I celebrated with a piece of an ordinary stracciatella cake for lunch ^^