K-ON! Fanfiction – Transfer Student [not my creation]


I came across a very funny K-ON fan-fiction the other day when I was searching some other things. I really want to share it with you so I will translate it since it’s in Japanese.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t created this story.

TN: ( ) – brackets introduce thoughts.
Toyosaki Aki is Hirasawa Yui’s seiyuu. Satou Satomi is Ritsu’s seiyuu. Seiyuu means voice actor in English.


Sawako: “Listen everyone, a transfer student is going to join this class. Come in.
Aki: “H-Hello.”
Ritsu: (She’s so big…)
Sawako: “Toyosaki-san, introduce yourself.”
Toyosaki Aki writes her name on the blackboard.
Aki *scribble*
Yui: “To… yo… sa… ki… A… i… na… ma… Nice to meet you, Ainama-chan /TN: The name Aki is written 愛生. The first kanji is usually read “ai”, meaning love; the second one is more often read “nama”, meaning raw, fresh, natural, live (broadcast). Some fans call Toyosaki Aki “Ainama” on purpose, but in Yui’s case, it’s a mispronunciation.
Aki: “It’s “Aki”. My name is Toyosaki Aki. I hope we will get along well.”
Sawako: “Alright, Toyosaki-san, your seat will be in the rearmost row. Next to Hirasawa-san.”
Yui: “It’s here, Ainama-chan.”
Aki: “It’s “Aki”.”
Toyosaki takes the seat.
Yui: “Let’s get along well, Ainama-chan.”

During break, the class encompasses Toyosaki and barrage her with questions.
Ritsu: “Toyosaki-san, where are you coming from?”
Aki: “I’m coming from Tokushima Prefecture.”
Tsumugi: “When it comes to Tokushima, Bandou Eiji comes to mind, doesn’t he?” /TN: Bandou Eiji – Japanese television entertainer and former baseball player
Yui: “Your voice is cute, Ainama-chan. Uhehehe”
Aki: “I… I don’t really like my voice…”
Yui: “It’s really cute, Ainama-chan.”
Toyosaki feels embarrassed.
Mio: “Yui’s voice and Toyosaki-san’s voice seem to be similar.”
Ritsu: “Anyways, Toyosaki-san, what club are you going to join? Come to the Light Music Club. It’s fun.”
Tsumugi: “You will also get to eat some sweets.”
Mio: “I won’t urge you to join, but drop by to check it out, Toyosaki-san.”
Yui: “Ainama-chan, the Light Music Club is fun. Come loaf around with us.”
Aki: “Okay, I might go to check the Light Music Club out then.”

After school, in the clubroom.

Ritsu: “Toyosaki-san, welcome.”
Tsumugi: “Today’s snack is madeleine. Have some with us, Toyosaki-san.”
Azusa: “Hello.”
Yui: “This is the only second-year student in the Light Music Club, Azunyan.”
Aki: “Call me Aki. The Light Music Club is quite interesting. Shall I join, I wonder.”
Ritsu: “Really?! Great! But what are you going to play?”
Mio: “Aki, can you play any instrument?”
Yui: “Ainama-chan, you’d look great with guitar.”
Azusa: “But don’t you think that having 3 guitarists in the club would be a bit weird?”
Aki: “I want to play the guitar!”
Mio: “I don’t think there’s any problem with having 3 guitarists.”
Tsumugi: “The range of our musical output will expand.”
Ritsu: “By the way, Aki, do you have a guitar?”
Aki: “No, I don’t. I’ll try asking my dad.”
Yui: “Fine, all decided. Let’s have the sweets now.”
Azusa: “We should practice…”

Several days later.

Ritsu: “Aki~, I heard you got a guitar.”
Aki: “Y-Yeah.”
Tsumugi: “Did your father buy it for you?”
Aki: “Y-Yeah.”
Mio: “Let’s try playing together then, the six of us.”
Aki: “Y-Yeah.”
Azusa: “What guitar did you get? Les Paul would be a good match for you I think.”
Yui: “Show us, show us!”
Aki: “…”
Toyosaki takes out her guitar from the case.
Ritsu: “Eh, that’s… that’s…”
Mio: “That’s an acoustic one.”
Tsumugi: “What does mean acoustic?”
Azusa: “Acoustic guitar. Simply put, it’s a guitar that doesn’t need electricity to play.”
Yui: “But guitar is still guitar, right?”
Azusa: “That’s true, but our music and acoustic guitar don’t go very well together.”
Aki: “My dad put his heart into getting it for me.”
Ritsu: “L-Let’s try it together for now, the 6 of us.”
Mio: “Yeah… let’s do that.”
The entwining sounds from Yui’s and Azusa’s guitars…
…obscure Toyosaki’s acoustic guitar.
Tsumugi: “…Um, Toyosaki-chan, could you stroke the strings a bit stronger?”
Toyosaki strokes stronger, stronger, and stronger.
Still, Toyosaki is being completely obscured.
Everyone: “…”
Sawako: “You can pick up the sound of the acoustic guitar by a mike.”
Ritsu: “You were here?”
Mio: “We had this trick up our sleeves…”
Waiwai, gyagya, waiwai /TN: Most likely the sounds of playing the instruments.
Somehow, they finally enjoy their session and go home.

Yui: “I’m home, Ui! Ice-cream!”
Ui: “Onee-chan seems to have been a bit out of shape, recently.”

Several days later

Aki: “Yeeah!”
Mio: “Aki, you’ve already gotten used to the Light Music Club, haven’t you? You let out a good sound.”
Tsumugi: “Aki-chan, your skills are great.”
Azusa: “Aki-senpai, you’re amazing. Teach me how to play.”
Ritsu: “Aki played it well, but you were lacking in power, Yui.
Yui: “Eh? You think so…?”
Ritsu: “Alright, let’s call it a day and go get some ice-cream on our way home!”
Everyone: “Yeah!”
Yui: “Ah… Um, I’ve promised Nodoka-chan to go out with her today…”
Mio: “In that case, let’s bring Nodoka with us-“
Aki: “Then let’s go the five of us, without Yui-chan!”
Everyone: “Yeah!”
Yui: “…”

The next day

Yui: “Sorry I’m late, what do we have for snack today, Mugi?”
Tsumugi: “I’m sorry, I only brought five people’s portions of snack today and we’ve already eaten all of it.”
Ritsu: “It’s your own fault since you came late.”
Azusa: “I’m sorry. I forgot to save some for you.”
Mio: “There’s nothing you can do about it. Fine, let’s practice now.”
Aki: “Today’s sweets were delicious!”
Yui: “…”

Yui: “I can’t put any power into it today, because I didn’t have my sweets.”
Ritsu: “Are you a grade schooler?!”
Azusa: “Take a rest then, Yui-senpai.”
Tsumugi: “Giita would suit you, Aki-chan. Would you like to try it out?”
Mio: “You should play the electric guitar once in a while, Aki.”
Yui: “No way! I won’t let Giita cheat on me!”
Toyosaki forcefully takes Giita away from Yui.
Aki (in a low voice): “This guitar will suit me more than it suits you.”
Mio: “Hmm… Aki, did you say anything?”
Aki: “Nothing. Ufufufu.”

The next day

Yui: “I’m late again today. I hope there’ll still be some sweets left.”
Yui: “Eh? It’s locked… Maybe I’m the first one coming… Eh, I can hear something.”
The other five, excluding Yui, are happily chatting…
Yui: “Eh? Why is that…? Open the door! It’s me, Yui! Knock, knock!”
Ritsu: “Huh? Don’t you hear something?”
Azusa: “That must be just your imagination.”
Aki: “It’s only some sounds from the outside. Let’s practice. If we make a lot of noise, it won’t bother us.”
Yui’s voice is being obscured by the practicing band.
Nothing changes and Yui leaves the clubroom…

Evening, the same day
At the Hirasawas’

*ring ring*

Ui: “I’m coming.”
Yui: “Ui, who is it?”
Ui: “It’s your classmate, Toyosaki-san.”
Yui: (Why… Ainama-chan…) “Ui, send her hom…”
Aki: “Excuse me! Good evening, Yui-chan.”
Yui: “Ainama-chan… Why… have you come here…?”
Ui: “Please have some tea.”
Aki: “Don’t mind me. You’re Yui’s little sister Ui-chan, right? You’re so cute.”
Ui: (She seems to resemble Onee-chan)
Yui: “Ainama-chan, it’s late already. Your father will be worried about you.”
Aki: “Ui-chan, you’re in the second year, aren’t you? Have we ever met at school?”
Ui: “We’ve passed by each other at the Light Music Club’s clubroom.”
Yui: “Ainama-chan… If you want to talk about something, let’s do it tomorrow at school…”
Aki: “You’re in the same class as Azusa?! Ahahahaha!”
Ui: “Yes, I am. Ahahaha”
Yui: “Ui…”
Yui: “Ui, I’m going to bed now…”
Ui: “Okay, good night. And then, Azusa-chan did, you know… Ahahahaha!”
Aki: “Ahahahahaha.”

The next morning

Yui: “What?! It’s morning?! It’s 8 already! I’m going to be late! Ui, why didn’t you wake…”
No one else is in the Hirasawa residence.
Yui: “Eh?! Ui has already left for school?”
Yui hurriedly gets herself ready and runs off to school.
Yui: “Sawa-cha~n, I’m sorry for being la- Huh?”
Sawako: “…”
Yui sits on her seat.
Yui: “I overslept, Nodoka-chan.”
Nodoka: “…”
Aki: “Nodoka-chan, I did the yesterday’s homework.”
Nodoka: “That’s only natural, Aki. You won’t ask me to lend you your notes again, will you?”
Yui: “…”

After school

Yui: “I’ll be first in the clubroom today. I wonder what sweets Mugi brings today.”
Ritsu: *sigh* “School is over! Huh?”
Yui: “Ricchan, I wonder what sweets we’ll have today.”
Ritsu: “You are Hirasawa-san from my class, right? What are you doing in the clubroom?”
Yui: “Eh… Ricchan…”
Ritsu: “Huh… Ricchan you say… Have we been this close?”
Mio: “Ah… Hirasawa-san, did you come to check out the Light Music Club?”
Tsumugi: “I’m sorry. I haven’t brought any sweets for visitors.”
Aki: “Hirasawa-san, if you don’t have any business with us, then leave.”
Yui: “Huh… Eh… Ainama-chan, why do you have Giita…?”
Ritsu: “Why you ask, that’s because it’s Aki’s guitar.”
Mio: “The all of us were there when she bought it.”
Tsumugi: “I haggled the price down.”
Azusa: “I didn’t know there was such a story behind Giita.”
Aki: “I love you, Giita! Smooch!”
Yui: “Eh… How come…”
Aki: “Hirasawa-san, we’re going to practice now so could you get lost already?”
Mio: “Sorry, we have to practice for the upcoming school festival.”
Yui leaves the clubroom behind her back without uttering a word.

Yui goes back home alone.
Yui: “What’s gotten into them? Ever since Ainama-chan joined the Light Music Club, something has been strange…”

Yui arrives home.
She takes out her key to open the door.
Yui: “Huh? It doesn’t fit in. I’ll have Ui open the door for me.
Ui: “I’m coming!”
Yui: “Ui, open the door!”
Ui: “Who are you?”
Yui: “Stop joking around! Open the door, Ui!”
Ui: “Is it a prank? I will call the police.”
Yui: “What’s wrong? It’s your sister here.”
At that time, a figure appears behind Yui’s back…
Aki: “Um, what are you doing at my house?”
Yui: “Ainama-chan, why are you coming to my…”
Aki: “This is my home. If you bother us, I’ll call the police.”
Aki pulls out her cellphone.
Yui, having no other choice, takes her leave, almost running.

Yui: “Why…? I don’t have a clue what’s going on any more.”
A puppy comes to Yui, who is crying all alone in the night park, as if going to comfort her.
Yui: “You’re cute, come here, doggie.”
The puppy slips Yui’s hand.
Yui: “Huh? Are you afraid of me?”
Yui tries to catch the puppy.
Yui: “Eh? I can’t catch it… How come…?”
Yui looks at her hands.
Yui: “What…? I can see through them… Why… Am I going to disappear?”

A few days later in the classroom

Sawako: “Toyosaki-san is absent again. Eh, what was that girl like?”
Ritsu: “Was there really any girl this name in our class? Are you sure it’s not your foolish fantasy, Sawa-chan?”
Mio: “There seems to be something I can’t remember…”
Yui: “Anyway, Sawa-chan, begin the class already. Hihi.”
Sawako: “Right. But first, we’re getting a transfer student today. Come in.”
Satomi: “My name is Satou Satomi. I’m coming from Miyagi Prefecture. Glad to meet you.”
Ritsu: “Hi there!”
Satomi: (So it’s this one now…)


I hope you enjoyed this short story and had fun reading it. That way, I would feel it was worth translating it.

Here is the story in original.