Raito Noberu no Tanoshii Kakikata Movie Trailer

Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata

Raito Noberu no Tanoshii Kakikata (How to Have Fun Writing a Light Novel) is a yet to premiere movie based on a light novel directed by Oomori Kenichi, script written by Takahashi Tatsuya. The story is about a boy Atae Yakumo, who finds out that his classmate Yabusame Tsurugi, the most beautiful girl in school, is actually a new light novel writer. However, having released her first book, she fell into slump and can’t write anything now. That’s where Yakumo comes and helps her overcome her crisis. I don’t care that much about the story of this movie. What has drawn my interest is that seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana is going to appear in this movie as one of the main characters. I’m looking forward to seeing her acting skills, as well as I’m looking forward to seeing her. I’m sure she will lose nothing of her cuteness in the movie. The trailer doesn’t show us much of her role, but it makes it up to us with Ayacchi in maid outfit ^^

It’s worth mentioning that Ayacchi is not the only seiyuu acting in this movie. One of the characters, Atae Marumi, is played by Kouda Mariko, who is not exactly a full-time seiyuu but has lent her voice to a few characters, including Minase Nayuki from Kanon, Akashi Yoshimi from Zettai Karen Children, and Shugogetten Shaorin from Mamotte Shugogetten!