Seiyuu in danger – this time Inoue Marina

Inoue Marina

Following the recent incident of somebody spurting some liquid on Tamura Yukari on train, this time Inoue Marina has become a victim of a relentless stalker. She reported about it on Twitter: “A strange person was following me which made me panic a bit. They followed me as far as on my train. I was close to tears. In the end they somehow disappeared.”

Inoue Marina stalker

Seriously, what’s wrong with those people?! Stop scaring the shit out of your favorite seiyuu and idols. Do you want them to develop a trauma? If you come across a seiyuu and cannot help but do something, approach them directly instead of stalking them or fapping to them or whatever. That way, you won’t freak them out and I’m sure they won’t bite or flee (unless you freak them out by something else). Be thankful you can at least see them, good grief.